Explanation categories

The explanation categories page provides an overview of all explanation categories defined in the Actuals platform. At the top right of the page it’s possible to add a new category by clicking the button. Each category configured shows the following properties
  • Explanation Id : internal identifier
  • Explanation name : name of the category used in the platform
  • Reason : for documentation purposes, the reason why it makes sense to create the category and bucket the transactions
  • Next step : for documentation purposes, whenever unmatched transactions are placed in this category, what is the next step that should be taken for transactions in this category
  • Action : internal identifier used for determinining how to process transactions that are explained with this category. The default value of 0 should be used unless contacted by Actuals
  • Transactions explained : the total number of transaction for all date ranges for all matching packages that are explained with this category
Apart from deleting a category by clicking a link at the end of the row, a category can also be edited. The popup is the same as adding a new category. The properties correspond for the most part with the properties mentioned above.
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