The manual queries page provides an overview of all manual queries defined in the Actuals platform. At the top right of the page it’s possible to add a new manual query by clicking the button. The first column in the tabel is a drag icon, clicking it can be used to drag the query to a new order in the list. This can be used to defined the sequence of the queries. The sequence is important as the output of one query can impact the next query to run. Each manual query configured shows the following properties
  • Id internal identifier
  • Statement : the actual query
  • Type : the platform currently supports readsource_start and readsource_end to execute a query when transactions are processed and explaintransactions_start and explaintranactions_end for specific stages in the explanation process. Other values are allowed, but do not result in the query to be executed at any time
  • Sequence number : integer for the sequence number to indicate from low to high in which order the queries are executed
  • Objects : for readsources type-> source ids, for explaintransactions type-> matching package ids for which the query should run. As a result it is possible to run manual queries for specific sources or run them to explain transactions in specific matching packages. The value 0 can be used for all objects
  • Purpose : for documentation purposes, what is the purpose of the query
  • Description : for documenation purposes, a short description of what the query does.
As the manual queries are part of processing files of a source or a matching package run, its important to remember that after updating the query the proper action needs to be taken. Apart from deleting manual queries, they can also be edited on this page. The properties that need to be provided are the same a listed on the main page
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