Data integration


This document provides detailed information on how to provision data to the Actuals platform. The Actuals platform offers various methods for importing data. Here, you’ll find an overview of these methods along with guidelines to help determine the most suitable integration method for your specific use case.

Available Methods

  1. User interface: Our platform includes a user-friendly interface for uploading files directly into Actuals.
  1. Actuals SFTP server: We offer an Actuals SFTP server where you can securely upload files directly into Actuals.
  1. Database connectors: You can grant us direct access to databases (such as Snowflake or Bigquery), and we’ll execute queries to import data into Actuals.
  1. Application connectors: For select applications like Payment Service Providers and ERP systems, we provide standard connectors based on the application’s API or SFTP connections. By sharing credentials, we can directly retrieve information from these applications and import it into Actuals.
  1. Actuals API: Utilizing an Actuals API endpoint, you can post data for import into Actuals.
  1. Email connector: We offer an Actuals email address for sending emails with attachments, which are then imported into Actuals.

Integration Guidelines

Preferred Methods

Typically, we recommend consulting with your implementation consultant to determine the most suitable method for providing data. Generally, the following order of preference is suggested:
  1. Application connectors: These connectors, built by Actuals, offer the highest level of automation and cover a wide range of use cases requested by our customers. Whenever available, this is usually the preferred method.
  1. Database connectors: Some online databases support external data sharing. Once set up, this method provides an efficient way to share data.
  1. Actuals SFTP server: When file exports and uploads can be automated, exchanging files with the Actuals SFTP server is a reliable method for data exchange between your system and Actuals.

Use Case-Specific Integration Methods

  • User interface: This method is applicable for certain applications with low data exchange frequency.
  • Actuals API: Ideal for real-time data exchange with the Actuals platform, this method involves sending individual records to the Actuals API. It’s crucial to ensure thorough validation of data completeness with this approach.
  • Email connector: Considered a option when there aren’t any other integration methods. Due to the additional steps involved, email integration is not the preferred method.
1. User interface2. Actuals SFTP server3. Database connectors4. Application connectors5. Actuals API6. Email connector