Matching packages

The matching packages page provides an overview of all matchingpackages defined in the Actuals platform. At the top right of the page it’s possible to add a new matching package by clicking the button. Each matching package configured shows the following properties
  • SOLL & IST Sources : every matching compares the transactions in the first group of sources (SOLL sources) with the second group of sources (IST sources).
  • Created by : user that created the matching package
  • Created : when was the matching package created
  • Last run : when was the last time the mathing package ran
  • Id : internal identifier
Typically matching packages are setup to run daily and/or in line with new transactions being processed for the relevant sources. However to perform a manual run, it’s possible to click the Run manually to perform a matching run right now. Note that only 1 matching package can run at the time. If this is the case, a yellow message bar is visible in the web app showing that the platform is busy with this action. Apart from Running a matching package manually, it is also possible to click the Options button for a matching package. This can be used to view the History of the matching package, showing all the historal matching runs for this matching package. This History menu item can be used to also see the current status of the matching run. Settings can be clicked to view the settings of the matching package and edit them. The popup that appears is the same as the one that appears when creating a matching package
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Adding / Editing a matching package

When adding or editing a matching package the following properties need to be configured
  • Matching packages name : name of the matching package that is used throughout the app
  • SOLL & IST Sources : every matching compares the transactions in the first group of sources (SOLL sources) with the second group of sources (IST sources).
  • Schedule : When is the matching performed. Apart from Daily / Weekly the value Manually can be selected to never run the matching package scheduled, but only manually through the button on the matching packages page
  • Type : Type of matching that is performed. When using Balancing, transactions match if the total amounts are the same in both source groups. This is the default matching type and most commonly used one. When using Pairing, transactions match if the balancekey of the transaction is found in both source group (independent of the total amount). When using Completeness, transactions match when every transaction in the SOLL sources is in the IST sources
  • Balance key : The parameter of the transactions that is used to compare the transactions in the sources. Typically and by default the transactionid
  • Status : The status of the matching package which can be either Visible or Hidden. Hidden matching package are not shown on the Overview page or the Transactions page. Hiding a matching package does not remove any data and is only a visual aid.
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