To connect a BigQuery environment to Actuals we will require a account of type service account. You can create a account in the Google Cloud management console.


  • To create the credentials you need to have administrator rights to your BigQuery environment.

Create a BigQuery service account key

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud management console.
  1. Make sure that you have API enabled on your BigQuery API page. If you don’t see API Enabled, choose Enable.
  1. On the Service accounts page, choose your BigQuery project, and then choose Create service account.
  1. On the Service account details page, enter a descriptive value for Service account name. For example ActualsPlatformBigQuery_[yourcustomername] Choose Create and continue. The Grant this service account access to the project page opens.
  1. For Select a role, choose BigQuery, and then choose the rights that gives us read-only access to the desired tables.
  1. Choose Continue, and then choose Done.
  1. On the Service accounts page, choose the service account that you created.
  1. Choose Keys, Add key, Create new key.
  1. Choose JSON, and then choose Create. Choose the folder to save your private key or check the default folder for downloads in your browser.
  1. Share the service account JSON key file with your Actuals implementation consultant.

Best Practices

  • We prefer least-privilege access. Give us read-only access, only share the tables that are required for the desired setup.