Klarna is a “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) financial technology platform. It allows users to purchase items from merchants without using their own money or credit cards at the time of purchase.
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To retrieve data from Klarna, you will need to create Klarna API credentials.

Step 1: Creating Klarna API credentials


  • Access to Klarna user interface with administrator rights

Creating a API user

Klarna API credentials can be found by:
  • logging into the Merchant Portal
  • then head to Settings > API credentials.
  • There you can create new credentials for Actuals
We require read-only access to these endpoints:
If you are doubting which API role gives these rights please contact Klarna Support.
When you created the API credentials please share this information with your Actuals implementation consultant, who will use it to establish the necessary data retrieval connections:
  • API username
  • API password

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