PayPal is a payment platform with a website and a phone app that enables online money transfers, allowing users to send or receive payments, make purchases, and connect their accounts to checking or credit cards.
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To retrieve data from PayPal the preferred option is to use the :
  • API integration
If it might not be possible to setup the API integration contact your Actuals implementation consultant for the alternative PayPal sFTP connection.

Option 1: API integration


  • Access to PayPal user interface with administrator rights

Create API key and set the rights

  • Go to “API Credentials”
  • Hit the toggle to go to “Live” mode.
  • Create App with App name “Actuals”
  • Update the Features and check the “Transaction search” feature. All other features may be disabled, except the “Vault” feature since this cannot be deactivated. To update the rights press “Save Changes”.
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  • Copy both the Client ID and Secret key 1.
When you created the API credentials please share this information with your Actuals implementation consultant, who will use it to establish the necessary data retrieval connections:
  • Client ID
  • Secret key 1

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