Stripe, Inc. is an Irish-American multinational financial services and software as a service (SaaS) company that primarily offers payment-processing software and APIs for e-commerce websites and mobile applications.
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The Actuals Live connector to Stripe enables daily import of all Stripe transactions for reconciliation in the Actuals Live platform. To achieve this, an API key needs to be created to download the transaction details throught the Stripe API. The steps below illustrate how to get the API key and how to configure Actuals Live to collect the data periodically.

User access

To collect data from Stripe into Actuals Live, an API key is required. Both test and live keys are available. The keys can be found in the Developers section on the API-keys page. Note that the toggle “Viewing test data” (on the right top) can be used to view the test API key (note: test keys will only provide us test data not live data!)
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Click “Create Restricted Key” to create a new key with specific access. We only need certain access rights and therefore we strive to only use resticted API keys instead of a key that has full access.

Access rights

Based on the type of connection, the Stripe API Key needs to have different rights assigned. Typically the integration the Actuals platform uses is either directlly collecting transfers or charges or getting reporting data that includes similar information. For the integration to work we require a Restricted API Key with the following access rights:
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This means the following permissions (and connect permissions) need to be set to read:
Section All Core resources:
  • Apple Pay Domains
  • Balance
  • Balance transaction sources
  • Balance transfers
  • Test clocks
  • Charges
  • Disputes
  • Events
  • Files
  • PaymentIntents
  • PaymentMethods
  • Payouts
  • Products
Section All Reporting resources:
  • Report Runs and Report Types
Section All webhook resources:
  • Webhook Endpoints